April 10

Designed to Teach the Middle 2.0

This is Designed to Teach the Middle 2.0.  The original site lasted for a few years but unfortunately was lost to the world of the internet that continues when one’s life is turned upside down.  Being off the grid for awhile is the product of perhaps, one of the most amazing things to ever happen to our little family.

Last year, we received a phone call that would forever change our lives.  We had been matched with a couple in another state to adopt their son.  This was the end of a long (12 year) process.  The birth mother delivered two weeks early and we were in no way ready for the most amazing and heart wrenching journey we have ever traveled.  Our baby boy, Cooper,  spent six weeks in the NICU, followed by several weeks in a hotel to wait for the ICPC process to be approved. Finally, two months later we came home from a trip that we thought would be two weeks.  The little boy we added to our family has forever changed our lives.  I am a stay-at-home mom now that is creating curriculum.  My new job is challenging, exciting, hilarious, lonely, fun, stressful, and really the best and most important job I will ever have.

This new site signals the beginning of a new part of my life.  I am working on my PhD in educational technology.  I have become obsessed with gamification and of course, I have a little guy who has become my boss.  I look forward to this next journey.  I am sure it will be the best yet.

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