June 15

Working On A Science Cartoon

My newest project is a Youtube science cartoon for kids.  By new I mean it’s something I have always wanted to do but have finally made a little time for it.  And by time I mean the five minutes I have after putting the Bambino to bed and falling asleep myself.

I have used cartoon characters for quite awhile when teaching.  There is a cartoon version of me, my two dogs, and well anyone in my life who might be able to help me in one of my animated adventures.  It feels like now is the time to seriously develop short science animations that middle grade kids will find both funny and interesting.

This is the intro for the new cartoon.  If you can’t tell by this short segment, I have been heavily influenced by old school Hanna-Barbara, Looney Tunes, and of course, Tom and Jerry.  Of course it will be necessary to do a considerable amount of research to be sure this done correctly.  Therefore, I think I will use my extra five minutes, tonight, to catch a few Tom and Jerry episodes on Boom.

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